chicory growers

Untitled-15Bruins IJssellof
The Witlofkwekerij Bruins IJssellof chicory farm is a real family business. Albert and Bertine Bruins are the 2nd generation at the helm of this modern chicory farm that is located in the market gardening district of Koekoekspolder in the Dutch village of IJsselmuiden.



Untitled-10Henri en Perry Peeters
For more than 30 years now, Henri and Perry Peeters have been running a market gardening business in Kessel, Limburg (NL). This family business started in 1985 by cultivating lettuces and gherkins, both in the soil in the open air and in greenhouses. 


Untitled-16Ed and Angelique Stemkens
The Stemkens Lof BV concern run by Ed and Angelique Stemkens has a long and proud history. It was more than 40 years ago that Ed’s parents started up a chicory farm in Kessel-Eik in Limburg (NL).